Wednesday, July 22, 2015

South Indian River Fishing Report 7/22


It's still hot on the Treasure Coast with temperatures staying in the 90's most days. It has made it a challenge to anglers who fish inshore. Water temps have risen to 89 degrees on some days and the fish certainly do not like it that hot. The recent upwelling in the ocean has been bringing colder water into the river and actually helping by mellowing out the hot water temps. Our best fishing has been early before the sun heats things up and drives the fish to deeper water.

Trout has been best at first light on the grass flats. We have caught some nice size fish over the slot recently. Rob and Matthew found a couple nice trout while fishing the flats. Tom, Josh and Roy also found some nice trout, along with a three foot bonnethead shark. Jeff and Connie had the same luck on the trout and several big jacks to top off the morning. Barbara, Joe and Jamie also had a good morning on the grass flats. Captain Joe Ward, his grandson, Thomas, and my grandkids, Chloe and Brody had a fun day recently catching lots of fish and having fun! Getting out early can increase your chances. Once the water heats up, move to drop offs, tidal cuts and mangroves. Shaded areas, like mangroves and docks, can be productive when the sun is high. Try top water lures in the early hours of the mornings or at sunset. Switch to DOA shrimp or CAL shad tails around the drop offs and deeper grass flats once the sun is high. Fish will be in the shallow water to feed before it gets too hot out.

You can find redfish hanging under docks and mangroves in the shade. There are lots of snapper around the river and we have caught lots of keeps size fish. Jacks have been patrolling the river and will give you a good battle on a light rod. We have had Spanish mackerel moving into the inlet with the incoming tides lately. There are plenty of fish to be had if you keep your eye on the water temperature and find areas that are a few degrees cooler. We have another month of hot weather ahead, so plan your trips around the heat.

Use plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water! It's vital to keep hydrated in this kind of weather. Hats, cool rags or anything to help beat some of the heat can make your day much more comfortable!

Remember, as always, fishing is not just another hobby……it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing,
Captain Charlie Conner

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