Friday, August 31, 2012

Snook Season Opens September 1st

Anglers have been anxiously waiting for the fall snook season to open. Tonight at midnight, you will be able to find plenty of anglers in search of a slot size fish for the table. It's that time of year!

The spillways will be one area that will be very active. With all the recent rains and runoff, you can bet the snook will be there feeding and find lots of anglers there as well. The DOA TerrorEyz in rootbeer color has been one of the most popular lures for the spillways.The jetties are always good areas to target snook with live baits, Bait Busters and feather jigs.

Check your license and snook permits! You know that law enforcement will be out checking. It's not worth the fine to take the chance. Even though shorelines licenses are free, you are still required to buy a snook permit to keep a legal fish. Check now and be ready.

Have fun out there and be safe.

Good fishing
Captain Charlie Conner

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

South Indian River Fishing Report 8/28

August 28, 2012

After sitting through all the rains of Isaac, I am anxious to get back on the water again. I guess it gave me a chance to catch up on things around the home place, but being pent up has never been to my liking! We managed to get out a few days before the rains arrived and has some nice conditions to enjoy the fishing. Fishing will depend on how all the recent rains have affected the area. Until all the flood runoff is gone, you might have to change your fishing tactics to find where the fish are.

Trout fishing continued to provide us with some action while fishing drop offs and sand bars on the river. DOA shrimp and live baits helped us catch some nice trout around the river. Most of our fish came from north of Fort Pierce. We are still catching a lot of snapper on the flats as well. Most are short, but we have also caught some nice keepers in the mix. Most fish have come in two to five feet of water along the river. Christine and Jeanie caught a nice variety of fish on their adventure. Try fishing docks, bridges and channel edges for snapper and sheephead. Don't forget to try some top water lures early in the day when fishing on the flats.

Mackerel, jacks and bonito have been crushing the bait around the Fort Pierce Inlet recently. Nice size macks are in the turning basin. Most small, shiny lures will get you in on some fun action. We are still finding redfish in the shallows of the flats. Most have been sitting in one to three feet of water. Emmett and Shirley hooked up on several nice redfish and landed one slot fish. DOA shrimp, live or cut bait can help you find a slot size fish this time of year. Tarpon, jacks, snook and bonito had been cruising along the surf and feeding on the bait schools. When you get out along the beach, look for bait schools and you should find the fish nearby.

Fishing will get back to normal soon and hopefully we don't have to deal with another storm like Isaac this year. Look for bait schools around the river this time of year and you should find fish. There has been a tremendous amount of bait around. Be careful when you head out this week. All the flooding will bring lots of debris into the river and you certainly don't want to tear up your boat or motor on it. Have fun out there!

As always, remember, fishing isn't just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

Roseate spoonbills


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

South Indian River Fishing Report 8/21

Inshore Fishing:

Both the weather and fish have cooperated this week for us on the Treasure Coast. We have enjoyed lots of exciting action all over the Indian River this week. You still need to watch out for those afternoon and evening thunderstorms, but it's been a lot of fun out on the water.

I guess the most exciting place to enjoy some great action has been around the Fort Pierce inlet, turning basin and along the beaches. With so much bait moving along the surf and into the river, the fish have been gorging themselves on it. You can witness some crashing action this time of year. Jacks, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish and bonito have invaded the area and we have ended up each trip with a stop to battle some of these fish to end up the day. If you have's even more exciting for them! Small shiny lures have worked fantastic for us when fishing these areas. You can also find some tarpon around the turning basin. The surf has been outstanding for beach anglers fishing around the bait schools. Tarpon, snook, jacks and various other hungry predators are in close and feeding heavily right now.

Trout fishing has been good on the flats. We are still getting some big trout on the grass flats to the north of Fort Pierce. Top water, DOA shrimp and live bait has accounted for most of our fish lately. We have fished most flats up as far as Harbor Branch this past week in three to five feet of water. Lots of mangrove snapper are still around the river. We have caught a good number while trout fishing the flats. Bridges and structure will also be holding many mangroves. Redfish are still in the shallow water. You have to move slowly and quietly to find some, but they are still out there. Try DOA shrimp, top water lures and live baits when searching the flats for a nice size red.

It a wonderful time of year to fish! There is so much bait around the river right now and the fish are hungry! Get out early and enjoy some great action this time of year. It's great to live and fish along the Treasure Coast!

As always, remember, fishing isn't just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

This week on the Indian River....

South Indian River Fishing Report 8/15

August 15, 2012

August continues to be hot and humid with lots of afternoon thunderstorm activity. It can make things a challenge some days, but the fishing has been good out there and it's well worth while to get out and enjoy the mornings on the Treasure Coast.

The Treasure Coast Casters had their August tournament on August 12th and I was able to volunteer to help out with the kids. I had Savannah Ward and Michael Williams on the boat with me. It started out a little slow for the kids, but we ended up finding some fish for them to check in for points. Savannah caught a very nice trout and some mackerel. Michael caught a mangrove snapper to weigh in. Savannah won first place in the middle school division and biggest fish overall with her sea trout. Congratulations to all the Casters!

Royce and Drew was out with me and we found lots of redfish on the flats that day. We had lots of fun on the water! Ed and Justin had a variety of fish on their day and we enjoyed some nice weather on the Indian River. David and his son, Ross, endured some hot weather to enjoy the fishing. Nine year old, Ross, topped off the day and the week for me with a 29.5" sea trout that he caught all by himself on the grass flats. He also released the big fish to be caught another day. We had a fun week on the water.

Try top water in the early mornings and switch to soft baits like DOA shrimp or CAL jerk baits as the sun warms up the flats. Look for redfish in one to three feet of water and trout in two to five feet as the day wears on. Docks and bridges are holding lots of snapper along with sheephead. The inlet has been alive with mackerel, jacks, blue runners and ladyfish. Lots of exciting fun for everyone. The surf has held tarpon, snook, jacks and even sharks that are in close feeding on the bait schools. It's a great time of year to be fishing!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

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