Wednesday, December 31, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 12/31


2014 comes to a close and we begin a new year with hopes and resolutions for a better year in 2015. We had lots of fun adventures this past year that created many good memories for lots of anglers. I hope your year has been successful and that the coming New Year brings you many more exciting fishing adventures!

This past week, I met with quite a few old friends on the water and made some new ones as well. The weather has been outstanding lately and so has the fishing. I hope you have had the chance to get out and enjoy it! The bite around the area has been excellent for our trips and provided lots of action for the anglers. We have enjoyed a large variety of species with the warmer water in the river. Redfish, black drum and sheepshead have topped the list just about every day. Throw in a mix of snapper, mackerel, pompano and a host of others and you have a fun filled morning for all of our anglers. It's been exciting!

Our redfish have come from docks and mangroves again this week. DOA shrimp or live bait can find some nice fish for you. The redfish have been a good bite for us lately. Sherman and David topped off our week with 8 redfish along with many sheepshead, drum, trout and even a nice pompano. The trout bite has started to pick up for us. Grass flats around Harbor Branch, Bear Point and Queen's Cove have all been productive on DOA shrimp, CAL jerk baits or live baits. Black drum, sheepshead and snapper have been plentiful around the area. Docks, bridges and channel edges have all been great places to look for these fish. Live or dead shrimp is the choice for lots of anglers. It's been a great week on the water for us!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!
Happy New Year to everyone!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 12/24


As 2014 comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone for reading my reports for the past 13 years. It's fun and I certainly enjoy doing them. I have met many old friends again this past year and made many new ones as well. Here's hoping that 2015 will be a bountiful year for everyone and the fishing continues to reward anglers throughout the Treasure Coast. I am truly blessed with the people around me in so many capacities. Thank you all! Eva and I wish everyone a blessed Holiday Season this year.

The weather this week has been fantastic! Warmer temperatures and sunny skies make for a wonderful adventure on the water! Water temperatures have been around 70 degrees this week and that means the fish are feeding before the next cold front arrives. Enjoy this could change soon! It's been a fun week on the water.

Fishing has been very good out there and it should continue this way with the warmer water temps. Docks, mangroves, grass flats and channel edges have all been productive for us. I love this time of year! A large variety of species are out there to keep your rods bending. Trout on the grass flats. Redfish under the docks and mangroves. Sheepshead and black drum around structure. Mackerel feeding on the beaches and inlets. Jacks and ladyfish....everywhere! It's a great time of year!

Jim, Chris and Dienne had a super morning adventure. Redfish, snapper, sheepshead and many other species were on the list that morning. They landed three out of five redfish to top off the morning. Don, Mike, Sammy and Lexi had an exciting morning with a variety of species including snapper and sheepshead. The girls had a fun time with Grandpa and Dad! Rich and Mike also had a good morning. They found some big fish under the docks and were broken off numerous times, but landed lots of fish that day as well. The trout were biting on the flats to add to the mix that morning. It has been a fun month on the water!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 12/17


Windy days have been the prevalent weather forecast most days this week. Look for more of the same patterns in the future. Cold fronts dropping in weekly will continue to challenge anglers. Water temperatures are in the mid sixties for now. The sun will warm the water up somewhat during the day, but the nights will cool it back down again. Its typical wintertime fishing on the Treasure Coast!

The fishing has been awesome on the river for a variety of species to bend a rod. Redfish, black drum and sheepshead have been our best bite this week. Mike and Karen were out on a windy day that moved us up into the mangroves to fish. They boated three redfish along with lots of sheepshead and drum to top off the morning. Anthony and TJ joined me on a cloudy and windy morning. We again moved to the mangroves to hide from the weather. Sheepshead and drum were biting that morning. Both days we ended up around the turning basin to finish off with snapper and jacks to keep everyone reeling and smiling. It was a good week in spite of conditions.

Look for warmer water to find fish this time of year. When the sun is out you can find fish along the mangroves and grass flats soaking up the rays. DOA shrimp or live bait worked under the mangroves can reward you with some nice size fish. It will continue to be a challenge to get to lots of areas, but you can make the most of a windy day and stay out of the worst of the winds. We will get a few days each week with lighter winds and you can get to the docks and other popular areas on those mornings. Wintertime fishing is lots of fun if you can use the conditions to your advantage.

Dress in layers. We go from the 40 degree to the 70 degree range during the day and layering your clothing will allow you to enjoy the fishing in comfort. Plan your trips around the weather and have fun this month!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 11/10


We have had a mixture of weather patterns lately along the Treasure Coast. About the only thing it hasn't done is snow. Check the weather closely before you head out fishing. Lots of windy days have made it a challenge for us. Mornings have been our best opportunity to fish. Expect more of the same for a while. Water temperatures have been in the mid sixties, but we have been able to find a variety of fish to enjoy.

Sherman, David and the kids were out for a morning adventure on a two boat trip. They all caught plenty of fish, including black drum, sheepshead, snapper and other assorted species. They are ready for next year and another adventure. Jim, Quinn, Cole and Madison joined me on a breezy morning, but caught lots of fish anyway. Black drum, sheepshead, snapper and a host of others made their morning successful! It was a fun week on the river in spite of weather conditions.

With the cooler water around the area, look for deeper places that fish might hold up. Channel edges, deeper docks and sand holes on the grass flats are a few places to target. Docks will hold sheepshead, black drum and snapper this time of year. You can find snook and redfish in the same places as well. You can also find these fish around the mangroves. As the sun warms things up, the grass flats will be more productive with the fish moving onto them to feed and stay warm. Try DOA Deadly Combos on the grass flats for trout. There are plenty of pompano cruising the river and you can find some with Doc's Goofy Jigs or CAL shad tails. The inlet has been loaded with jacks, ladyfish, mackerel. Small shiny lures work best. There are lots of ways to enjoy the fishing so get out soon and have some fun!

Dress in layers for coping with the conditions when enjoying a day on the water. We sometimes have 30 to 40 degree temperature changes some days and layering your clothing will allow you to enjoy yourself in comfort. Don't forget the sunscreen! Wintertime is often forgotten when it comes to sunburns. Enjoy your time on the water!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Fishing Forecast

December Fishing Forecast:

Here it is December already and the Holidays are almost upon us. Where has this year gone? I must say 2014 has been another great year for fishing all along the Treasure Coast. Both inshore and offshore have provided anglers with many great fishing adventures. Hopefully, this winter will be milder and the fishing great for everyone.

December brings on the winter months and changes fishing tactics on the river. The water temperatures continue to fall and your fishing must adjust to the weather. Water temps can dictate where you fish and how you fish. Finding water a few degrees warmer than normal can mean the difference in catching and fishing. We will get many days of breezy winds that will hinder getting to some favorite spots out there. That's one of the reasons I love fishing in this can always find somewhere to fish! Not only does the cooler weather affect the fish, it also requires us to dig out the ol' winter fishing clothes. I’m not too proud to get out the long johns on a cold winter day. It can get pretty chilly some mornings!

Trout, redfish and snook will be targets throughout the winter. Snook season closes December 15th, many anglers will still play catch and release with them. Fishing around bridges, docks and inlets can bring great action with snook hanging around the deeper waters of the river. Using live bait, DOA Baitbusters & TerrorEyz, jigs and bomber lures can help you catch one worth a photo opportunity. Trout will tend to hang around the deeper cuts of the river. Move off to three to six feet of water for trout. Live shrimp on popping corks or DOA Deadly Combos will work the best for them. I love to work DOA CAL jerk baits or CAL Air Heads this time of year on the flats. You can also find snook and redfish hanging around those areas as well.

Pompano have already arrived in the area and not only provide great fishing action, but fantastic table fare. Spanish mackerel and bluefish will continue to hang out in their favorite haunts of the river. Fish the inlet, turning basin and channels for them. Jack Crevalle will be traveling around in packs chasing bait all over the river. Flounder should arrive soon and hang around the inlets, docks and sandy flats of the river. Ladyfish is a great way to spend a few hours with the kids on the water. The bridges will be holding sheephead, black drum, croakers and sand perch for those anglers. Live or dead shrimp is always the best bet from the catwalks. There is a good variety of fish to target on any given day in any kind of weather conditions.

Redfish can be found around local docks during the winter months and a live shrimp or DOA Shrimp can entice them into striking. Don't forget about the deeper cuts along the mangroves for redfish and snook in December. Using stealth is essential when fishing the shallow waters for redfish. We had very good success at finding the reds in shallow on sunny days on the grass flats. A mild winter will have them feeding in the shallows this month. It was a fantastic redfish bite all last winter and I am looking for it to be just as good this year.

Winter fishing is already here. Change your tactics with the weather and follow the water temperatures more closely to make your fishing more productive. The fishing on our Treasure Coast continues to improve each year. If we all do our share to protect our rivers, we can insure the future generations will enjoy the same experiences we have been blessed with.

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

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