Monday, May 26, 2014

June Fishing Forecast for the Treasure Coast

June Fishing Forecast

Summer has arrived and you can bet on hot afternoons and lots of great fishing action around the Treasure Coast during June. The mornings will be calm and it is certainly to your benefit to get out early to beat the afternoon heat. Being on the water at first light is worth the effort to watch the sun rise. Expect a chance of afternoon thunderstorms each day…we can always use some rain around the area this time of year! Watch the weather each afternoon out there. It’s a fantastic month to fish.

Inshore will provide lots of redfish, snook and trout action on the flats. Get those top water lures cleaned up and plan an early morning to get some of that explosive action in the shallows. Try the DOA Airhead or Bait Buster for great top water action. Switch to DOA shrimp or a CAL jerk bait as the sun warms up to continue your success. Watch for bait schools on the flats and you can be assured there are fish nearby. You can expect the fish to be feeding shallow early and move to the edges of the flats as the sun rises. Look for sand holes on the flats! Fish are traditionally lazy and love to sit in a sand hole and wait for the tide to bring the food for them to ambush.

You should be able to find plenty of redfish around the shallows. The population this year has been outstanding and they have been growing all spring. Redfish schools will be feeding on the flats, so be on the lookout for them. Most will be slot size to just over the slot. I love using a DOA shrimp or CAL paddle tails while fishing for reds. Try along the mangroves as well. Lots of fish will move under the mangroves as the sun heats up for the day. Trout will be on the grassy flats and feeding on the same food out there. Move out to three to five feet of water as the day heats up to continue your action. A Deadly Combo can provide inexperienced anglers with lots of fun learning to fish artificials. Don’t forget to fish the docks around the river. Lots of big fish will be hanging around many of the docks along the Indian River. Live bait, TerrorEyz and DOA shrimp can find some exciting action in June. Harbor Branch, Queens Cove and Bear Point will all be hot spots for action all summer.

Snook will provide plenty of action around the bridges and jetties this month. Snook season closes on May 31 and won’t open again until fall. Night anglers will be heading to the jetties for catch and release snook and maybe some tarpon action. Top water lures, feather jigs, TerrorEyz and Bait Busters can all get you in on some fantastic action. Handle the snook carefully and release them quickly and safely so that they will be there this fall. Jacks will also be hanging around the inlets and give you some rod bending activity.

Make sure you take plenty of water with you. It will be hot out there. Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and reduce the risk of heat stroke. Slather on lots of sunscreen! Sunburn isn’t a good feeling at the end of the good day of fishing. A little common sense and a few minutes can a big difference. Make that part of preparations for your adventures on the water. It will just make a great day even better!

Remember, as always, fishing is not just another hobby……it’s an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing,
Captain Charlie Conner

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 5/15


It seems the rainy season it getting a good start on the Treasure Coast. We certainly need the rain, but it can be a little untimely when you are trying to get out fishing! The winds are still blowing most days recently, but there are plenty of areas to fish and get out of the worst of the gusty conditions. There is lots of bait around the area and that means the fish are going to feed! May is always a super month to enjoy the fishing!

We have had to tuck up around the islands and mangroves lately to enjoy the fishing. Luckily, the fish have been around those areas and cooperated to give us some great outings. It's top water season and time to get out early and enjoy some exciting action on the flats and along the mangroves. I like the DOA Bait Buster for early morning. You can use it as a top water and yet let it sink under the surface as well. Look for trout to be in three to five feet of water and shallower at first light. Our redfish have come from under the mangroves. We are getting most in the upper slot to just oversize. The snook bite has remained good lately. We have lost some big fish while fishing the mangroves and sea walls. You can find plenty of snapper around the river when fishing structure, bridges and docks. There are some mackerel, jacks and ladyfish around the inlet and turning basin in Fort Pierce.

Will and John joined me this past week on a very windy morning. They caught lots of fish including a nice redfish to top off the day. Scott and Carrie had a similar windy start to the morning. We hid around the mangroves and they landed three big redfish in the 26" to 28" range and lost one big snook that nearly spooled them before breaking them off under the tree line. Then the rain moved in and we cancelled the next couple morning trips. It was a fun and challenging week on the water.

Now that the rainy season is with us, make sure you watch weather conditions and plan your adventures accordingly. Afternoons tend to be active for rainy weather. Keep rain gear on board and have a plan to get to safety in case of thunderstorms approaching. Be safe and have fun in May!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good fishing and be safe.
Captain Charlie Conner

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 5/11


You couldn't ask for better weather in May. We will still get some windy days, but you can look for lots of sunshine and great fishing action throughout the month. As the rainy season begins, look for chances of afternoon rain or thunderstorms just about any day of the week. The water temperatures are in the mid to upper 70's now and the fish have been biting well for us. May fishing will continue to improve as water temperatures rise. It's been a super first part of the month!

Our best fishing has been around the mangroves this past week. We have caught redfish, snook and trout in those areas. Our redfish have been up to 32" this week. The snook have beaten us on a number of occasions where we couldn't slow them down before being broken off under the mangroves. We have caught some nice trout in the upper 20" range this week as well. DOA shrimp, CAL shad tails and live bait have been productive this past week. It's that time of year to get out your top water lures. Try a DOA Bait Buster or Airhead as a top water lure this time of year. Our trout have been in three to five feet of water, but you can find some a little shallower in the early morning. The snook bite has been good around the river. Docks, sea walls, inlets and mangroves have all been productive. The redfish bite has been good for us around docks and mangroves. There are still some bluefish, mackerel, jacks and ladyfish around the inlet area in Fort Pierce. We have seen a few bigger mangrove snapper this week. It's fun time of year to enjoy some great fishing action!

Dave was out for an adventure and found four big trout and a nice snook to top off the morning. Capt. Joe Ward joined me on a beautiful morning. We boated four nice sea trout and six snook for the day. Ron, Mike and Phil lost a lot of fish to the mangroves, but Phil boated a 32" redfish for the morning. Eric, Keith, Mike and Justin found some big snook that wouldn't have anything to do with coming out of the mangroves. We had some good battles. Michael had the best day of all the guys, but Justin landed a nice redfish to top it off. Everyone caught fish this week. We had lots of smiles and laughter!

It's getting hot out there so drink plenty of liquids to keep hydrated. Use lots of sunscreen this time of year. Snook season will close in this area on Mayh 31st. You have a few weeks left for that slot fish! Have fun out on the water this month!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good fishing and be safe.
Captain Charlie Conner

Fishing this week with Captain Charlie

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Friday, May 2, 2014

South Indian River Fishing Report 5/2


The winds returned this week and gave us a challenge most days around the Treasure Coast. Temperatures have warmed up and so has the water. Water temps range around the mid to upper 70's for us. The fish have been feeding and becoming more active with the warmer water. Summer seems to have arrived already and the fish seem to know it. Enjoy the fishing this week!

We have enjoyed a good variety of fish this week on the river. Our redfish have come from docks and mangroves. Most have been in the upper slot range. Try a DOA shrimp in the near clear color and fish the docks with the tide. You can bounce it with the tide and it will stay under the dock for you. Snook have been hitting at first light around deeper areas like sea walls and the inlet areas. Try using Terror Eyz in the root beer color bounced along the bottom or CAL shad tails in green back or glow colors around structure in these areas. A Deadly Combo is hard to beat if you are fishing for trout. The trout bite has picked up with the warmer weather and there are lots of big specimens sitting on the grass flats. These are the fish we target in May. There are plenty of other species to enjoy as well.

There are still plenty of sheepshead and snapper around the river. You will find that many are smaller than a month ago, but still lots of action for them around bridges, docks and channel edges. Beaches continue to produce whiting along with jacks and some bluefish. The tarpon have been arriving along the surf and I have seen a few filtering into the river. Big jacks are cruising around the river now and they can definitely bend a rod for anglers. There are still some mackerel around the inlet areas feeding on the glass minnows.

Keith and Walter had a super morning fishing this past week. They landed a upper slot snook along with four gator trout in the 28" range. Bonnie and Brice found a variety of fish including a 24" trout to top off the morning. My buddy, Pat and son, Ethan, met me for a trip on the Sebastian River. Ethan boated a nice 4' bull shark on an enjoyable trip on a scenic river. Scott caught a good variety of fish on his morning adventure. Mike and Jake found a good bite that included trout and redfish. Jeff and Ken landed lots of fish including a nice redfish. Rich and Richie also landed a nice variety of fish for their morning adventure. It has been fun fishing on the river lately!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good fishing and be safe.
Captain Charlie Conner

Fishing this week with Captain Charlie

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28" seatrout for Keith photo 006_zps326c0ec4.jpg
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