Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March Fishing Forecast

South Indian River Fishing Forecast - March


March has arrived on the Treasure Coast and, traditionally, we can expect windy conditions along with some rain clouds. It might dictate where and when you can get on the water, but at least we aren't cutting holes in the ice to fish! Water temperatures will continue to rise and the fish will be actively feeding on the flats. Winter has been kinder to us in February and the fishing has been very good so far. Take advantage of the good days and get out fishing.....

As the sun warms up the water again, look for fish to travel into the shallows to feed. Trout will continue to be most prevalent in the deeper grass flats in two to four feet of water. Those anglers using live shrimp on popping corks, Deadly Combos, CAL jerk baits and top water will have the best chance at hooking up with a trout. I like to fish the edges of the shallows where the water drops off to these depths. You can find trout in four to six feet of water and they will move onto the shallower flats to let the sun warm them as the day goes on. Depending on weather conditions, there are many areas to fish. Round Island, Bear Point and Harbor Branch are always popular to fish in March.

Redfish will get more active this month and you can find some tailing on the flats in early mornings. Top water, DOA shrimp, CAL grub tails or gold spoons are good choices for finding a spot tail on the flats. Don't forget to fish around the mangroves also. So far this winter, there has continued to be a good redfish population around the river and the fishing has been fantastic for them. I tend to like the east side of the river for redfish, but you can find them on the west side also. Work your baits slowly along the bottom for best results. This has been a good winter to allow us to enjoy a terrific redfish bite around the docks and mangroves with nice sized slot fish. Learn to read the water so you don’t miss what is happening around you.

Anglers will continue to target snook around the inlets, docks and bridges on the Treasure Coast. Live bait always works best, but feather jigs, TerrorEyz and DOA Bait Busters can also get you hooked up. Most of the action will be at night with best results on the high ends of the tides. As the water warms up around the area, the snook action will liven up also. Those fishing the flats can also find snook feeding early or late in the day. Fish the mangroves during the rest of the day. There has been a very good juvenile snook population on the flats this year. Top water, twitch baits, TerrorEyz or CAL jerk baits can do the trick in March on the flats.

The pompano bite has been scattered this year, but more have been around the river from Fort Pierce through Stuart and they should be in this area for a while. Whiting, Bluefish and pompano will be hanging around the beaches this month. The inlet will be holding Spanish mackerel, jacks and bluefish. Jack Crevalle and ladyfish continue to haunt the river and provide fun catch for all. Bridges should give up catches of sand perch, Sheephead and black drum on live or dead shrimp.

Spring is just around the corner on the Treasure Coast. It won't be long! Take some time to check all your equipment now and be ready as the weather improves to get out on the water. Make sure your reels are in good working order. Check your rods for broken or cracked tips and guides. How old in that line?? Get ready now on some of these windy days ahead, so you will be ready to head out to the water soon! Have a great March in 2015!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

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26" redfish for Jean photo IMG_2911_zps9f0465b6.jpg
Jean's first redfish photo IMG_2910_zpsafae7174.jpg
Jerry with a nice pompano photo IMG_2909_zps9730c36c.jpg
Warm, sunny day ahead photo IMG_2908_zps573bc10e.jpg
Mike with a nice redfish photo IMG_2896_zps9f25be39.jpg
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

South Indian River Fishing Report 2/19

Coldest weather of the year has driven temperatures down into the thirties for a few nights this week and it's cold! I woke up thinking they moved Florida and didn't notify me.... Water temperatures will also plummet into the fifties for several days until the sun can get things back to normal again. Summer can't get here quick enough for me. It's been that type of winter on the Treasure Coast, but it hasn't snowed yet.

Fishing has been good when you can deal with the winds and weather conditions. We have been fishing in areas where you can get some protection from the winds and having success in the process. The best bite has been drum, sheepshead, croakers and even some nice whiting with the occasional redfish in the mix. Docks have been active when you can fish those areas. Deeper water will be the best opportunity to catch fish right now. As the sun warms things up you can find fish moving into shallower water to feed and keep warm. Pompano should love this weather along with bluefish, mackerel and a few other species. I love fishing this time of year...but it can certainly be a challenge!

Chris, Trey and Justin joined me this week for a windy adventure on the water. In spite of the winds, the guys caught a lot of fish including croakers, drum, sheepshead, snapper and lots of others. Ken and Jeff were faced with another windy morning, but caught some nice fish including a slot redfish on the last cast of the day. John and Tom had their windy challenge and it was a croaker and whiting morning for the guys. They ended up with some nice fish in spite of conditions. It's been a fun week, but blustery for us.

Dress for conditions! It will be cold at night and warm up during the day. Some days will bring a thirty degree swing in temperatures. Have fun and be safe on the water. Winter is almost over and thing will warm back up for us.

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Thanks and Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner


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Wintertime dock fishing! photo IMG_2879-Copy_zpsfb1691e5.jpg
Trey with a nice drum photo IMG_2878-Copy_zpse0448f9e.jpg
 photo IMG_2876-Copy_zpsdd9f6361.jpg

Thursday, February 12, 2015

South Indian River Fishing Report 2/11

Well, ol' man winter has taken over the weather on the Treasure Coast this week. Looking ahead at the forecast isn't a pretty site. I guess I will be digging out the long johns for a few days... Lots of windy days ahead will challenge any angler's fishing skills and as the water temperatures drop below our norm of mid 60's, you will face an additional test. Even though this won't be the freezing weather for a few years ago, it will force you to use all your tactics to find areas to fish productively in this weather.

We have enjoyed the usual winter catch each week of redfish, drum, sheepshead, croakers and snapper with the added mackerel, jacks, pompano and ladyfish in the mix. Fishing channel edges, docks and mangroves have been the most productive areas for us. As water temps drop, fish deeper water for best results. Steve and Greg were out a couple days with me and found lots of fish to keep their rods bending for a good adventure on the water. Wayne and Danny found the same results on their morning venture on the river. Derek, Derek Jr. and Harry also had a fun trip on their morning. They even caught a few bluefish in the mix. Pat and Gwen were back with me for another morning trip. The girls doubled up on a couple nice slot redfish to top off a windy morning on the water. They added some snapper, croakers and even a nice whiting to finish off a fun trip.

We have a few more weeks of this cold stuff before things will begin to warm up for us. I like smaller lures in winter like DOA CAL paddle tails around mangroves and docks. It's a little easier to place your lure under the mangroves where the fish like to hide. I haven't fished the grass flats as much lately with the cooler temps, but that will change very soon. Even though this weather isn't as cold as a few years ago, it can test your fishing skills. Winds, tides and water temps can be both challenging and frustrating at times. I always use winds and tides to my advantage. It will change throughout the day and you will need to make adjustments to the conditions as things change. We tend to move around much more in winter.

Dress in layers to cope with the days weather and don't forget the sunscreen. Winter is nearly over, but the winds will remain for a while longer. Enjoy the fishing...it's much better than shoveling snow! Isn't that right Mark, who lives in Massachusetts!

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Thanks and Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner


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 photo IMG_2874_zpsb3d007c1.jpg
 photo IMG_2872_zps924c742b.jpg
 photo IMG_2868_zpsfcc66caa.jpg
 photo IMG_2867_zps4ebae9ec.jpg
 photo IMG_2866_zpscd07d29b.jpg
Pat and Gwen doubled up on these nice reds photo IMG_2859_zps73663f45.jpg

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Fishing Forecast

February Fishing Forecast

While winter is still around the Treasure Coast and weekly cold fronts will continue to bring cool nights and lots of windy days to the area, fishing will still be good out on the water. It has been a tough winter so far with all the rain, winds and cold. Water temperatures can dictate where and how you might fish on any given day this month. The temps ranged in the 60’s and low 70’s in January this year. When the water is cold, fish the deeper cuts and drop offs of the river. Sunny days will bring fish up in shallower waters to feed and the bite can really get hot out on the flats.

The trout bite picks up very nicely in February. 2014 proved to be the year of big trout in the Fort Pierce area. I anticipate that 2015 will be another big fish year around the area. CAL jerk baits and Deadly Combos are exciting ways to trout fish with artificial lures, while live shrimp on popping corks are the ol’ standard way to trout fish out on the river. Redfish can be found in shallow flats around mangroves and islands. We had a fantastic winter bite in 2014 around the docks and mangroves for redfish. On warm sunny days, the reds will sit around the mangroves and soak up the sun. Finding some along the mangroves will bring some good rod bending action to anglers this month. DOA shrimp and CAL jerk baits can find some hungry reds hugging the mangrove lines when fished very slowly. Docks are a great way to find plenty of fish waiting for something tasty to drift under them.

Sheephead will be plentiful around the river and the larger fish will be coming into the river to breed. They showed up early this year and January has been a great month for them. Live or dead shrimp around bridges, docks and structure can provide lots of action in addition to some great tasting fish. Sand perch and croakers should also be hanging around the inlet and bridges during February. Pompano around the surf and on the deeper flats of the river can be taken on CAL grub tails, Doc’s Goofy Jigs and shrimp or clams. Bluefish, mackerel and jacks will continue to haunt the baitfish around the jetties and turning basin. Small, shiny lures will keep you busy. There should be some flounder around the back sides of the jetties and on sand flats around the inlet area.

February is a transition month on the river. Winter has been challenging this year on the Treasure Coast. We have enjoyed more normal winter weather and the fish bite has been good for us. Winds will still be blowing and the water will begin to gradually rise in temperature. Fishing your lures slowly will certainly give you more action on the river. Fish tend to be sluggish in the colder water. Working your lures or bait slower along the bottom will give the fish more time to react to it and will result in more bites for anglers. Have fun this month and get out fishing!

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Thanks and Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner


Greg with a big drum photo IMG_2855_zps9c739937.jpg
 photo IMG_2854_zps6b4947c0.jpg
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