Thursday, February 12, 2015

South Indian River Fishing Report 2/11

Well, ol' man winter has taken over the weather on the Treasure Coast this week. Looking ahead at the forecast isn't a pretty site. I guess I will be digging out the long johns for a few days... Lots of windy days ahead will challenge any angler's fishing skills and as the water temperatures drop below our norm of mid 60's, you will face an additional test. Even though this won't be the freezing weather for a few years ago, it will force you to use all your tactics to find areas to fish productively in this weather.

We have enjoyed the usual winter catch each week of redfish, drum, sheepshead, croakers and snapper with the added mackerel, jacks, pompano and ladyfish in the mix. Fishing channel edges, docks and mangroves have been the most productive areas for us. As water temps drop, fish deeper water for best results. Steve and Greg were out a couple days with me and found lots of fish to keep their rods bending for a good adventure on the water. Wayne and Danny found the same results on their morning venture on the river. Derek, Derek Jr. and Harry also had a fun trip on their morning. They even caught a few bluefish in the mix. Pat and Gwen were back with me for another morning trip. The girls doubled up on a couple nice slot redfish to top off a windy morning on the water. They added some snapper, croakers and even a nice whiting to finish off a fun trip.

We have a few more weeks of this cold stuff before things will begin to warm up for us. I like smaller lures in winter like DOA CAL paddle tails around mangroves and docks. It's a little easier to place your lure under the mangroves where the fish like to hide. I haven't fished the grass flats as much lately with the cooler temps, but that will change very soon. Even though this weather isn't as cold as a few years ago, it can test your fishing skills. Winds, tides and water temps can be both challenging and frustrating at times. I always use winds and tides to my advantage. It will change throughout the day and you will need to make adjustments to the conditions as things change. We tend to move around much more in winter.

Dress in layers to cope with the days weather and don't forget the sunscreen. Winter is nearly over, but the winds will remain for a while longer. Enjoy the's much better than shoveling snow! Isn't that right Mark, who lives in Massachusetts!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Thanks and Good Fishing!
Captain Charlie Conner

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Pat and Gwen doubled up on these nice reds photo IMG_2859_zps73663f45.jpg

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