Thursday, April 11, 2013

South Indian River Fishing Report 4/11


We had a fantastic week on the water with great weather and hungry fish around the river. It is still windy most days, but very fishable and lots of places to hide from the worst of it. Expect this type conditions for most of April as we transition into summer patterns and less windy days. Water temperatures have been in the mid 70's and the fish have been feeding on the flats. It was a fun week on the water!

I met lots of great anglers this past week, but Bonnie and Brice had the best day of all. Bonnie wanted to catch a trout and boated a fat 29" one on the shallow flats early in the day. She also wanted to catch a redfish, which she and Brice boated 9 up to 25" around the mangroves for a fun day on the river. Cindy, Leanne and Rhonda were a blast to have on the boat. The guys were talking smack from the other boat to them, but the ladies held their own. Leanne topped off the day with a fat trout. Fred wanted to catch a redfish and boated three that morning. Greg landed three slot reds on his afternoon trip with me. Collin and Dean were out with mom and day for lots of fishing action. Dean boated a nice 20" sea trout, but was topped by mom's. Erin, 25" redfish to end a beautiful day on the Indian River. Every trip ended up with lots of smiles this week. There has been a good variety of fish for us to enjoy with the bite continually improving each week.

The trout bite was probably the slowest for us this week, but every trout we caught were slot or better fish. With warmer water, you can find them in shallow water at first light, moving to two to five feet as the sun gets higher. Top water, Deadly Combos, DOA shrimp or live bait are good ways to fish for trout this month. Redfish can be found around docks, mangroves and drop offs on the sand bars. Most of our fish have been around the mangroves. CAL grub tails, DOA shrimp or live bait can all help find you a slot fish. Snook fishing around the jetties has been good on the high ends of the tides. Most are using live baits out there. We continue to get snook up to 24" around the mangroves which means a good population of big fish are growing out there. Sheepshead and drum fishing is slowing down now as the bigger fish are heading out of the river. You can still find nice size ones, but it is slowing. Snapper fishing is improving for us. We have had a number of 12" to 14" mangroves lately around docks and mangroves and lots of undersize muttons everywhere. Jacks and ladyfish continue to haunt the river April is proving to be another good fishing month on the Treasure Coast.

The surf has been slow due to the steady easterly winds most days. Not as many anglers are braving the conditions to get out on the beach. The inlet has mackerel, bluefish, jacks and ladyfish coming in with the tides. I think I can finally pack away those sweat suits and long johns for another year. It's nice to have 80 degree weather again! Time to get out and enjoy some good fishing action!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

Brice with another red photo 014-10_zpsb75da9a4.jpg
Another red for Bonnie photo 013-16_zps7eb65239.jpg
Bonnie's 25" redfish photo 011-23_zps7e719cb7.jpg
Bonnie's 29" trout photo 010-21_zpsd4fb1309.jpg
 photo 002-83_zpsf1d4856e.jpg
Greg with another redfish photo chloekitchen013_zps5bbfec62.jpg
Greg's redfish photo 001-85_zpsf0089551.jpg
Leanne with her big trout photo chloekitchen011_zpse38b882e.jpg
Fred's third redfish photo chloekitchen007_zpse0b4f2e7.jpg
Fred with a beautiful red photo chloekitchen005_zps3e515562.jpg
Beautiful morning photo 009-33_zpsec518024.jpg

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